21st May 2019 


Sharon Adams (MAR)

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"About 10 years ago, I got cystitis. A friend suggested I try Reflexology so I put an appoinment on with Sharon. The area on my foot that represents the bladder was very tender when Sharon applied pressure to it. But she gently persevered and, lo and behold, ....my cystitis disappeared! It was amazing. Never had another bout to this day."
Sheree,aged 40

"Reflexology with Sharon is relaxing and it settles my stomach straight away when I am stressed."
Scott, aged 45

"I'd had normal reflexology before but Vertical Reflexology from Sharon was completely new to me. Wow! Aside from actually sorting out my sinus problem almost instantly, the whole session just felt great. Extremely relaxing."
Julie,aged 41

"I always thought Reflexology was just a pampering foot massage. However, when I got a nasty ear infection, it was quite debilitating and my hearing was badly affected, Sharon worked on my feet and, as I lay relaxing, My ear suddenly popped and the blockage drained from my ear. Quite disgusting but such a relief and completely amazing! I cannot recommend this treatment, and this particular practitioner, highly enough."
Ruth, aged 34