21st May 2019 


Below are some of the questions most commonly asked about the complementary therapies I practice. If your query isn't answered here, please e-mail or telephone me direct - I'd love to help if I can.

Q. What therapy will suit me best?
A. This depends on the problem presented and what you feel comfortable with (e.g some people don't like their feet being touched). Reiki is better for emotional problems.

Q. How long does a session last?
A. Treatments last approximately 60 minutes.

Q. Are there any side effects to complementary therapies
A. Occasionally you may find you have a runny nose, headache or need to go to the loo more often after a treatment. It's simply the body releasing toxins and is referred to as a "healing crisis".

Q. How soon will I feel the benefit of the treatment?
A. Although benefits or changes may be felt immediately, 4-6 sessions are generally recommended. For optimum health benefits and stress relief, complementary therapies should be for life - one treatment every 4-6 weeks can be extremely beneficial.

Q.How much does a session cost?
A. Reflexology - 25
Reiki - 25

Q. I'm not able to come for a treatment. Can you come to me?
A. I'm based in Christchurch but happy to travel, within reason, to treat you at your home and as long as parking is available. Mobile service is for Reflexology only.

Q. What symptoms would you use Reflexology to treat?
A. Reflexology is suitable to treat any physical condition and for general wellbeing.

Q. What symptoms would you use Reiki to treat?
A. Reiki treats both physical and emotional conditions effectively.

Q. I've got ticklish feet! Can I still have Reflexology?
A. Firm pressure is applied during Reflexology. Even those with ticklish feet should be able to enjoy and benefit from this therapy.

Q. I'm pregnant. Can I still have complementary therapies?
A. Certainly. Reflexology is safe for both people trying to conceive and those who are pregnant.

Q. I think my baby might benefit from Reflexology. Is she too young?
A. You're never too young for reflexology! A short treatment, using a light touch can would benefit even the youngest of clients.


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